Harish Giriyappa

Not able to open Code Warrior IDE V8.8.

Discussion created by Harish Giriyappa on Jul 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2012 by CrasyCat

When the Code Warrior IDE is tried to Open, It is throwing Error as


"CodeWarrior Preferences File is read only or is currently in use"


Following Steps are done to remove error but error still exist

1. ProgramFiles/Codewarrior folder is made Read Write and tried to open

2. Restart the System and tried to Open

3. Uninstall and Install the Code Warrior, The error still exist.


Can you please suggest the method to make the code warrior work


Installation Setup

System -  Windows 7 (For Windows 7 Modification is done to enable the compatibility mode)

Code Warrior IDE - V 8.8


Thank you

Harish G