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No connection via rs232 to DEMO9S08SV126

Discussion created by Arvid Hager on Jul 21, 2012
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I`ve tried to connect and debug my project on my board the DEMO9S08SV16. I want to connect via rs232. Therefore I`ve built my project and in the debug configs I`ve set Cyclone Pro/Max - serial port as connection type. I use a laptop with W7x32 and pcmcia to serial card (Logilink PC0047) and CW10.0.

In the CW the card is recognized as COM Port1 but I always get the error message the debugger couldn`t connect to P&E device.


The com port is configured exactly as written in the sci.c to 9600,8,N,1. I`ve also tried a baud rate of 19200 cause for some reason in the comments both values are given.


/*******************************************************************************ensci() configures COM port selected by (port) for 19200,8,N,1 operation SCI baud rate register (SCIxBD) is written with value determined by       SCIxBD = busclk/(16*baud) => SCIxBD = 0x0D -> 19.2 kHz       MCG trim value must be written to effectively use COM port   INPUT: none OUTPUT: none********************************************************************************/void ensci(void){  SCIBD = baud9;          // 9600 Hz  SCIC1 &= ~SCIC1_M_MASK & ~SCIC1_PE_MASK; // 8,N,1  SCIC2 |= SCIC2_TE_MASK | SCIC2_RE_MASK; // SCI Tx/Rx enabled//  SCIC2_RIE = 1;          // enable Rx Data Ready interrupt}


So what is my problem? In the web I`ve found that the Cyclone Pro is a special interface, but I can`t imagine that the CW is not capable of connecting via rs232 via a normal port?!? And, as written above my pcmcia card is recognised in the CW`s dialog box.