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PE with MQX for k20dx256VL10

Question asked by Robert Lewis on Jul 21, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2012 by Processor Expert

We have an in house board with the k20d256z 100hz processor. We can build an empty project with just mqx, or an empty project with just PE but we can't build a working project with MQX and PE. We have mqx 3.8.1, cw 10.2.


To generate an MQX project that contains PE, we have to use the BSP with PE enabled which is the bsp_twrk20d70m that ships with mqx 3.8.1. We can generate a blank project but when it loads the code traps somewhere in mqx. It does not do this for the non PE version. We think this is because there is some change that has to be done to the generated bsp_init.c or other code to account for the processor difference.


We were told by support that the k20d72m code base should work on our k20dx256z processor. But it does not.


Does anyone have a way to build a project for this processor. We also can't get the pe_demo programs to build without errors; for example the pe_demo_twrk40x256, has two fatal errors for directives.