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Floating-point Math problem, MC9S08PT60

Discussion created by andrei luchuk on Jul 20, 2012
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Having an issue I can't resolve, the following lines of code cause a reset


   FLOAT32 fPct100 = 100.00;   FLOAT32 fPct18  = 18.00;   FLOAT32 fPvPercent;    FLOAT32 fBarGraphPercent;   UINT32  nBarGraphSegment   = 0;   fPvPercent = gfPVPercent * fPct100;   fBarGraphPercent = (UINT32)(fPvPercent / NUM_BG_SEGENTS);      //fPvPercent = 20.0000;      fPvPercent = (fPvPercent / fPct100);      //problem here      fPvPercent = fPvPercent / fPct18;         //problem here

 it is possible to step through this statement and hit brakepoints at the end of main loop. however, running is not working. i can't catch the reset with Cpu_OnReset either. 


Using CWIDE 10.2 with the latest updates.


any suggestions are greatly appreciated.