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Debugger launches, loads code, then terminates

Question asked by ERIC BRYAN on Jul 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2012 by ERIC BRYAN

PEMicro USB Multilink debugger with MC9S08MP16 processor and Codewarrior 1.2
CodeWarrior HC(S)08 Debugger    10.2.0.FSL_b7450
CodeWarrior HCS08 Debugger    10.2.0.FSL_b7450

Code launches and downloads but immediately terminates. COPT bits are set to zero, tried with external xtal, internal oscillator, reset enabled/disabled. Same results. Breakpoints set in startup code are never reached.

Message in debug window:
E:\CapRainGauge\MC9S08MP16\CapRainGauge.abs (7/18/12 10:13 PM)    

No error messages from debugger. Tried changing settings for action if comm lost but these have no effect. Nothing in the console window. Nothing in the Problems window.