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lwevents not getting posted for A/D driver

Question asked by Dan Quist on Jul 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2012 by Martin Kojtal

CW 10.2

MQX 3.8

Kinetis K40 512


I'm having a lot of issues with the A/D driver that hopefully someone can help me out with. I have basically followed the example code for the A/D using lwevents, but they are not working.


I have three channels set up on ADC0 and ADC1 and I use the ioctl command ADC_IOCTL_FIRE_TRIGGER to trigger both channels, then I wait for any of the events to post. Only the first one will post and it only happens once. After that, there is no activity. 


All three channels are set to the same event with a different mask, so I find it strange that only one will ever fire. I attached the task I am currently using.