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GPIO IRQ fails

Question asked by Ardoster on Jul 19, 2012
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I'm trying to link an IRQ to an extern IRQ pin. I've been reading the manuals and consulting different threads in this forum, but I can't see where the error is. Have I to modify or enable something in the BSP or PSP?


This is my code, maybe you know what's happening.


// define inputsconst uint_32 g_GPIOS_Inputs[] = { GPIO_PORT_NQ | GPIO_PIN1 | GPIO_PIN_IRQ_FALLING, GPIO_LIST_END };static MQX_FILE_PTR g_GPIOS_OutputPort = NULL;static MQX_FILE_PTR g_GPIOS_InputPort = NULL;void irq_callback();// current value of output gpiosboolean g_GPIOS_OutputsValue[PROJECT_MAX_OUTPUTS] = {0};void irq_callback(){ static u8 counter=0;  counter++; }/** GPIOS_Init *  Initializes all gpios in the hardware  *  @return Error code */error_t GPIOS_Init(){ // configure gpios outputs g_GPIOS_OutputPort = fopen("gpio:write", (char_ptr)&g_GPIOS_Outputs); if (g_GPIOS_OutputPort == NULL){  PrintError("GPIO Init failed. Exiting...", ERROR_MQX_GPIO);  _time_delay(PROJECT_MQX_DELAY_TO_EXIT);  _mqx_exit((_mqx_uint)ERROR_MQX_GPIO); } // configure gpios inputs g_GPIOS_InputPort = fopen("gpio:read", (char_ptr)&g_GPIOS_Inputs); if (g_GPIOS_InputPort == NULL){  PrintError("GPIO Init failed. Exiting...", ERROR_MQX_GPIO);  _time_delay(PROJECT_MQX_DELAY_TO_EXIT);  _mqx_exit((_mqx_uint)ERROR_MQX_GPIO); }  ioctl(g_GPIOS_InputPort, GPIO_IOCTL_SET_IRQ_FUNCTION, (pointer) &irq_callback); ioctl(g_GPIOS_InputPort, GPIO_IOCTL_ENABLE_IRQ, NULL);  //GPIOS_InstallCallbackIRQ(&MAIN_Callback); //GPIOS_IRQEnable(TRUE);  }

 Thanks in advance.