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K70 and 1bpp Monochrome display

Question asked by crezyoz on Jul 19, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2012 by Marco Contreras

I am new to the K70 and my first task is to interface to an EL display with HSYNC, VSYNC, PIXCLK and 1 bpp. I would ideally like to run the display with 2 pixels per clock.


The manual is a little hard to work form as I am starting out so I hvae some questions.


As far as I can understand I would be setting this up as an active display?Does it matter in this case?


In the PBSIZ description (LCDC_LPCR) the doc says that in active mode the PBSIZ bits are not applicable?


for the TFT Bit (31) the description implies that TFT should be zero for monochrome, so then it would be operating in passive mode?


for SCLKIDLE (31) .. when would one want to send clks to the display when VSYNC is idle?


I don't understand the SCLKSEL bit.


Are there any code examples for setting up the K70 for a monochrome 1bpp LCD that I can look at?