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MQX + K60 + LCD 2X16 character

Question asked by Javier Artigas on Jul 18, 2012
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I have a k60n512 tower kit, and i want connect it a 2x16 character LCD (8 bit mode) with MQX3.7.


I use RS (Register select)(PTC0), R/W (don´t use. I have connected to GND for write only), E (enable)(PTC2), and D0-D7 (data bus)(PTC1,PTC3,PTD9,PTC4,PTC7,PTC8,PTC11,PTC12).


The controller is a Hitachi HD44780 compatible.


1- I can use GPIO, or I have to connect to a specific port? I have connected  the signals to GPIO in my prototype board.


2-Can anyone give me a code example?


Thank you very much.