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Problems jumping from bootloader to application code

Question asked by David Cantero on Jul 17, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2012 by David E Seymour

Hi everybody!!


I´m using a MQX program with SD driver and a simple shell as a bootloader in a kinetis K60 tower. The idea is to copy firmware from SD to internal flash and run it.  To test bootloader I have built two projects, first one a "Hello world" example from kinetis software examples (without mqx) and the second one the MQX "Hello World" example. I change the ICF (IAR linker files) in accordance to "Ethernet Bootloader for MCU" application note. Both examples runs OK when debug.


When I try to jump from (MQX) bootloader to non MQX "hello world" application everything starts OK until the startup code arrives to "Flash_Identify" function where code access to internal flash. Then the processor resets and the bootloader is executed again. Something similar happends when I trying to jump to a MQX application.


I thougth that maybe is necesary to realese some resources in the bootloader before jump. I disbled all interrupts and release some peripherals before jump but the problem remain.


Some ideas?. All advices are  wellcome.