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MK60N512MD100  --  LDD_SetClockConfiguration method

Question asked by emilien on Jul 17, 2012
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   I'm using processor expert + IAR + MQX on a twr-k60n512. I use MK60N512MD100 as a component. When I try to compile the generated code, my Linker complains and says:

Error[Li006]: duplicate definitions for "LDD_SetClockConfiguration"; in "C:\Users\emilien\workspace\filter\Debug\Obj\PE_LDD.o", and  "bsp_cm.o(bsp_twrk60n512_d.a)"
(ie this method is already defined in my board support package).

I could not find how to configure the component so that it does not generate such function, any ideas ?

If I remove it from the PE_LDD.c file, obviously it works but I have to do it each time I generate the code.


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