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Regarding tamper detection in P2041.

Question asked by Shiva Shankar Periaswamy on Jul 16, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2012 by Scott Wood



I am using a P2041 QorIQ RDB board, and testing secure boot and tamper functionality on it. I am intending to simulate the tamper detection on this RDB board using the Switch 3.6 present on it. I could see the tamper evidence on U-boot, by accessing the register FE314018, wherethe value changes to 00000008 when a tamper occurs. I am intending to access this register using a module inserted in to the kernel, and activate tamper enable/disable selection from the linux prompt. As a newbie to kernel programming, I have tried to access the register as such using offset as given in the reference manual. I am getting a segmentation fault. Are there any macros available that can be used for accesing the security monitor registers in P2041 board? If yes, where might I find the details of them?


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