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Very strange debugging behavior

Question asked by Dan Quist on Jul 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2012 by Dan Quist

Running into some very odd behavior during debug sessions. 


We're using a K40512 chip on a custom board, MQX 3.8, CW 10.2.


If the debug entry point is set to something in the application like main, it will always break at line 60 in idletask.c which is.



If I set a breakpoint somewhere, the PC will often break in the idle task and I have to hit resume again before I actually get to the breakpoint


Sometimes while stepping through code, the PC will randomly jump to SVC_TASK_BLOCK or SVC_TASK_SWITCH in dispatch.s and the entire debug session then locks up. A reset command will hang at 0%.


The project and MQX have been cleaned and rebuitl several times. 


We had been using the kwikstick k40 project as our mqx project template and have modified the .mem and .lcf files to take advantage of the extra 256k of flash. Our basic code did not have these debug problems before making the switch, but we also couldn't run a large part of our application without the flash increase.


Any ideas?