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Kinetis K60 Tower FTM Capture Mode not working ... Please Help !

Question asked by Paul Roberts on Jul 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2012 by Processor Expert

I've set up FTM1 Channel 0 to Capture using FTM1_C1V using the capture input pin at PTA13 (FTM1_CH1).  I'd like to interrupt on both edges.  My interrupt is enabled.  I have placed a breakpoint inside the generated function TU2_OnChannel0.


I am using FTM0 to generate a 60 Hz square wave by toggling a GPIO from within the ISR.  I have hard-wired this GPIO to location A20 on my Freescale proto board for my K60 tower.  My schematic shows that A20 is connected to PTA13.  I have connected a scope and can see the 60Hz square wave plain as day on location A20 (which I really hope is connected to PTA13.)

I have spent a lot of time juggling things around to get my debugger to go to the breakpoint, with no luck.  Attacvhed is my PE screen shot.