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Communicating over UART5 to Desktop

Question asked by Elizabeth Russell on Jul 13, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2012 by Marco Contreras

I am using CW10.2 to develop a K60 application on a target board without an RTOS. I want to be able to use printf statements for debugging. Currently the printf statements output to the CW console view. However the output is very slow. I would like to try using the K60's onboard UART5 as the output to a terminal program running on the desktop. I have my own version of the printf function which uses UART5 and I know this is working to the extent that I see signal output on an oscilloscope. I have removed the jumpers from J7 on a freestanding TWR-SER2 board and connected the UART5's RX and TX signals to the J7 pins which feed into U500 on the serial board. I have applied power to the board and connected it to the desktop via USB. The board shows up in the Device Manager as a COM port with the Freescale CDC driver. However no terminal program I have tried sees the COM port. Does anyone have any suggestions?