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Strange SPI status flag behavior

Discussion created by Jan Thogersen on Mar 13, 2006
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I'm trying to get the SPI up and running on an MC9S12DP256B however, I see some strange behavior.

Here is the setup:
Target: MC9S12DP256B
Compiler: MetroWerks C
Debugger: USB Multilink / HiWave

My SPI procedures are like this:

void SPI_INIT(void) {
SPI0CR1 = 0x50; // SPI enabled, master mode
SPI0CR2 = 0;
SPI0BR = 0x77; // Very slow baud

void SPI_ThrowCatch(unsigned char data) {
while(!(SPI0SR & 0x20)); /* Wait for SPTEF set */
SPI0DR = mydata;
while(!(SPI0SR & 0x80)); /* Wait for SPIF set */
return SPI0DR;

Now what happens is that when I try to send a byte it actually gets send (I have checked with a scope) however, the procedure stalls at the SPIF check! It never gets any further.
I don’t use any interrupts but the global interrupt is enabled. The uP never leaves this proc! I have tried setting up the SPI in all different ways with no result. Then I checked the assembler, and I see that compiler optimizes the byte check to a bit check… And that is my best answer to my problems. Maybe the flag can’t be checked just as a bit. In the datasheet it is described that to clear the flags one has to read the SPI0SR. I have tried to remove all optimizing in the compiler. However it still makes the check in bit level instead on byte level.

NB: EDIT! I have now tried: while(!((unsigned char) (SPI0SR & 0x80))); with no result. So it's not the bit check causing the problem!

Anyone have an idea about what could cause my problem?

Best regards
Jan Thogersen

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