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P4080 code help.

Question asked by NAGA RAJA RAO TULASI on Jul 12, 2012
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I am Raj. I have recently started working on P4080 board. This is my first project with any board.

As part of my current assignment, I am trying to work on multi-core communication using BMan and QMan API's provided with the boards ISO. Have installed the ISO on the host machine (Ubuntu 10.04)


Having a toughtime trying to understand the compile messages.


Here is a small example I am trying to comile.


#include <iostream>
#include <usdpaa/conf.h>
#include <usdpaa/of.h>
using namespace std;

int main()
return 0;


I tried compiling the above code using powerpc compiler.


powerpc-linux-gnu-g++ -L"/home/manager/workspace/CoreTest/include" -I /data/P4080_install/QorIQ-DPAA-SDK-20111026-systembuilder/build_p4080ds_release/sysroots/ppce500mc-linux/usr/include/ -I /data/P4080_install/QorIQ-DPAA-SDK-20111026-systembuilder/build_p4080ds_release/sysroots/p4080ds-linux/kernel/include/  -I /data/P4080_install/QorIQ-DPAA-SDK-20111026-systembuilder/build_p4080ds_release/sysroots/p4080ds-linux/kernel/arch/powerpc/include -o "CoreTest" main.cpp -lusdpaa_qbman -lusdpaa_dma -lusdpaa_dma_mem -lusdpaa_fman -lusdpaa_of -lusdpaa_pme -lusdpaa_ppac -lusdpaa_rman -lusdpaa_sec -lusdpaa_srio -lusdpaa_syscfg


However, everytime I get the same error:


/tmp/ccyx81em.o: In function `of_init()':
main.cpp:smileysad:.text+0x1c): undefined reference to `of_init_path(char const*)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status


If I use grep i find that this function is available in usdpaa_of.a lib and have included that. Still I keep getting the same error.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Please guide me as to how I can achieve multicore communications using QMan and BMan portals?