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QG8 SCI at 230K Baud Possible ?

Question asked by Designer11 on Jul 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2012 by bigmac

Hello Guys,


Basically, what I'm trying  to do is to see if it is possible using either the trimmed ICS or external oscillator to obtain a 230K baud on the SCI using the QG8. I've read the AN3041 and AN3499 PDFs and looked at the two equations mentioned in the AN3041.


Eqn.1  fbus = fIRC X 512 ÷ (2 X bus divider)

Eqn.2 fbus = (fOSC÷ reference divider) X 512 ÷ (2 X bus divider)


In order to obtain a 230K baud on the QG8  the bus freq needs to be between 7.36Mhz to 7.4Mhz and the SBR12:smileyfrustrated:BR0 value have to be 2. Based on my calculations using the above equations the minimum  trimmed frequency is 8Mhz..


Could anyone confirm whether it's possible or not possible to obtain 230K baud on the QG8 family ?