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RS232 port of TWR-K60D100M with TWR-SER

Question asked by Wei Gao on Jul 10, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2012 by Tom Thompson

I am using TWR-K60D100M with TWR-SER to connect the evauliation kit with my pc with RS232 cable. But I couldn't send data. Below is what I did.


1. connect everything: TWR-K60D100M with TWR-SER through TWR-ELEV. RS232 cable connect the com port on my pc with the com port on TWR-SER, and no problem with the RS232 cable.



2. change environment: in the user's config of BSP, I enabled the TTYD. in the TWRK60D100M.h, I change the default IO/debug port from ttyf to ttyd. (ttyf is still enabled). Recompile BSP in release mode.



3. open the hyperterminal on pc: set baud rate:115200, parity:none. databits:8, stopbits:1, flow control: none.



4. try to send data in several ways:


a. printf("hello"); nothing shows on the hyperterminal


b. char data = 'S';   

fd = fopen(DEFAULT IO DEBUG PORT, 0);   

 printf("hello");    write(fd,&data,1);   



c. fd = fopen("ttyd:",0);    

 same with method b.   



d. fd = fopen("ttyd:",DEFAULT_SERIAL_PORT_CONFIG);    

printf and wirte both fail


all the above methods I've tried are ok if I use ttyf which is the OSJTAG com usb port and data are successfully sent and showed on PE termianl. But as long as I change "ttyf" to "ttyd", it never works.


I even use ioctl to read out the "baud rate", "parity", "databits","stopbits", and they are all the same with what I set on hyperterminal.


all the jumpers on the board are default. I didn't change any hardware.


Please tell me what is the problem with the serial port communication.I've been testing it for two whole days, helplessly.

Thank you very much.