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CW10.2 wizard for mqx project will not build working project, fatal compiler errors

Question asked by Robert Lewis on Jul 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2012 by Robert Lewis

I think this is mqx related. We have the twrk20d72m board. We run cw10.2 and mqx 3.8.0 with all the patches uptodate; as of july 04 2012.


We run the wizard to build a project in cw10.2 empty project including mqx, no pe, no stacks or file system, nothing added for files. We choose the twrk20d72m board as the base for mqx. The project is generated and the compiler errors on a fatal issue.


Description Resource Path Location Type Overflow in segment: rom from section: .main_application Segment reserved size is: 0x00007be0 -- Overflow of: 0x00001928 k20_72    C/C++ Problem


All the mqx libraries are rebuilt correctly. We can build a simple PE project for the GPIO and get that to work, but we cannot get cw10.2 to build a project under any circumstances. The same is true of not all but some of the example projects. They error out or do not run correctly.


Does anyone have any mqx base that they have been able to get to work on the k20?


this is running on Win 7 x64, sp1.


Any help is desparately appreciated. We can't test our inhouse boards because we can't even get the basic development system to work.