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Stickos...Demojm...Not giving up.

Question asked by Stephen Scutt on Jul 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2012 by Stephen Scutt

Hi. My name is Steve. I have recently come back to my DEMOJM board with a hope of burning stickos on to the MCF51jm128 daughter card. Mr Testardi has been very helpful in advising me but i'm still having no joy. I would like to know, has anyone out there managed to burn stickos on to their demojm board succesfuilly? I am trying Hiwave and the stickos elf file but the hiwave program refuses to connect to the demojm board. Is there any way i can burn the file onto the demojm?

I would massively appreciate any advice. 

Thankyou most humbly to anyone who might stumble upon this most lowly of posts and take notice.