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Power up  cause UART printing to be come garbage in MC56F84789

Discussion created by Eli Arad on Jul 5, 2012
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We are dealing with two kinds of problems with the new 84789 chip


The first,  after downloading the firmware using USB tap , the program runs correct, UART printing are seeing fine.


After power off\ON  , the UART printing are garbage completely.


The chip and the ELF\S-Record need to take care that the code was downloaded correct .


We checked the linker file and everything looks correct, even so , the linker does not complains about anything,


The second issue , could be related is that the next power up shows that the code is not running.


We need to re download the code using USB Tap to make it happened.


The UART issue happened all the time and the code not running happened few times.


Please contribute your help.