Timothy Marsh

Higher level language with old mc6800/6802/6808 mpu?

Discussion created by Timothy Marsh on Jul 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2012 by Celso Monteiro

Hi all:


I'm into pinball machines and have the dream of generating custom code for an old 1980's era pinball machine.

The particular machine uses an old Motorola 6802 processor.  So here's the question... do I have to write in assembly or are there higher level language options?  I've found C compilers for the 68hc11, 6805 and 6809 but nothing for a mc6800/6802/6802.  I'm not surprised as the 6800/6802/6808 processors are much older but I'm hoping someone knows of something... Perhaps written by a hobbyist.


The other option is to find a newer cpu with a same or similar pinout but so far no dice on that either... any ideas?