shi jing

how to create first  MC12311 project  with codewarrior 10.2 or codewarrior 6.2

Discussion created by shi jing on Jul 4, 2012

Hi,i am student from china.In china,there are no one do some project with MC12311.MC12311 is the latest chip in china,freesacale do not sell the chip until 2013 . so it is so difficult for us to develop projects about MC12311. We just have MC12311 twr. We do not know how to create a new project with codewarrior 10.1 ,because there are no MC12311 option. Can anyone tell us how to create the first project about MC12311 with CW 10.2 and can anyone give us a complete project (UART,RF etc),thank you!

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