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Using DMA with UART, with and without FIFO buffer

Question asked by panchogalactico on Jul 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2012 by panchogalactico

Hi. I´m having problems with the DMA. I use a k20 MCU, clocked to 72MHz.

I want to receive 8 bytes in the UART0, filling the RX buffer FIFO, and then move them to a int mem[8] array.

I can´t make it work. My question is about UART0_D register, because, as I understand, I have to read 8 successive times that register to get the 8 bytes, and the DMA machine increment the source pointer automatically after every read. So, How do I do it?. Can i force the DMA machine to keep the source pointer pointing to UART0_D while the destiny pointer incrementing automatically?

Actually, if I can force the DMA machine to do that, I guess that I didn't need to use the RX buffer FIFO.

Any ideas?


sorry for my poor english.