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About Flash Download Speed---XHY256

Discussion created by sun deeping on Jul 3, 2012

Dear all:

   Does anyone mets this problem:use P&E's Multilink 2.0 for XHY256 Flash download the speed is only about 3.3K. When i use the DEMO9S12XHY256 Board download the same project the speed is about 6K! What's the problem? The XHY256 Chip OR the multilink?   Thanks!

  Another question: How Can i use the Demo Board's debugger?Someone said must change the dll file of cw or only the CW 6.2 ssupport the function.And i know the on board debugger has it's own version&ID. Is this the point? I can change the version & ID by hardware.How Can i use it? I have Two Demo Board & i do not want to spend any money on another P&E's BDM debugger!