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MC9S08MP16 KBI problem

Discussion created by Jae Heon Shim on Jul 1, 2012
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Nowadays, i have some problem in Keyboard Interrupt function of MC9S08MP16.

The Port is PTD4/KBI3P4/PDB2OUT that is connected Hall effect sensor(open collector type).

also the Hall effect sensor input is connected to FTMCH1(to use as input capture function).


the problem is.


 - Port value is changed in debug mode well.

 - but, there's no KBI event.

   ( I already checked KBI Function by using push button switch so many times.

     I confirm, KBI initialize and setup are no problem..)

 - input capture interrupt is running well.


I wonder, Input capture interrupt well,,,,, but KBI no event?


I hope your advice..


Have a nice day~