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K20 Reset bit Lockup set after sector erase

Question asked by Patrick Degry on Jun 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2012 by Konrad Anton

When I do Program Flash Sector Erase, bit1 (Lockup) in the RCM bloc is set. This means that the ARM core stops executing instructions.


First I initialize the flash bloc by calling FTFL_Initialization(); as defined defined in flash_kinetis.c.


Then I send one or more:


FTFL_EraseSector(0x0000A000);  // 0x0000A0000 can be different adresses of course...


The Lockup Reset happens sometimes after sending the 1st FTFL_EraseSector command, but mostly it happens after the 2nd. It seems to happen less if I wait very long after each erase cmd (>5s) (while debugging, single step), but that is not usable of course.

The flash sector is erased apparently before the lockup, but the processor hangs.


I use CW V10.2 + JLINK with a K20DX128.


Any idea?