Gal Naimark

MC9S12NE64 - Ethernet interface stops reacting to incominhg frames

Discussion created by Gal Naimark on Mar 9, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2010 by Chris Hoogenboom
I am using MC9S12NE64 with software developed using Codewarrior and based on OpenTCP.

My application opens a simple tcp client connection that maintains echo request/answer.

So far, everything worked well, but there is a vary wierd situation in which after few hours of work, the software seem to stop getting interrupts for incoming frames.

At this situation the software continues to operate normaly (sending SYN connection request) but it seems that it can't see incoming frames (SYN+ACK answers).

Although that through a sniffer i can see the connection requests and answers, by putting breakpoints inside recive procedure, i can see that the software doesn't even get there...

how is it possible, that this incoming frames are not treated?