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speed up Flash execution

Question asked by Ulf Bormann on Jun 26, 2012
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I ve a very perfomance criticle application. So I have to speed up my code. Performance  measurements show that there s a big difference if I boot from Flash or from RAM.  Unfortunately I can only boot from RAM during debugging. It seems that the difference between  RAm and Flashh execution fluctuates very much. I ve code fragments with nearly no difference and some with a 50 percent add on if I boot from flash.


So I m very interested why there s such a big fluctuation and how I can reduce the add on for Flash execution.


Nearly all of my time critical code is part of a big loop. So maybe it might be a solution to copy the time critical code from Flash to RAM. But how?


I use CW 10.1 and a K60N512 Tower Module


Many thanks