Xiang Chen

USB TAP error: "CCS Libary Not Found"

Discussion created by Xiang Chen on Jun 25, 2012
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I am using Codewarrior v8.3 and is connected via USB TAP to my MC56F8245 chip. Due to the design of the board (mini JTAG header), I am using a custom connector which only uses the pins: TDI, TDO, TCK, TMS, Reset, VDD, GND.


When I try to start a debugging session to load my program onto my chip, I am met with the error "CCSProtocolPlugin: CCS Library Not Found". I have the ccs.exe started manually and here's the log:


Show commands turned onReceived  CMD_CONFIG_CHAIN. count = 0command done - OkCCSAPI connection #1 accepted from WIN-VKU34KP36QM at Mon Jun 25 12:39:09 2012Received  CMD_CHECK_MIN_VERSIONcommand done - OkReceived  CMD_AVAILABLE_CONNECTIONScommand done - OkReceived  CMD_DELETE_CCcommand done - OkReceived  CMD_SETUP_CC.CC = utap:command done - OkReceived  CMD_CONFIG_CHAIN. count = 1    core 0: HawkV2Available USB TAPs:Detected 64-bit Windows, using usbtap_lib64.dll 12090215Opening connection to USB TAP 12090215Received an unknown command 45USB TAP command done - OkAvailable USB TAPs: 12090215Opening connection to USB TAP 12090215Received an unknown command 46USB TAP command done - OkUSB TAP command done - Cable disconnectedReceived  CMD_RESET_TO_DEBUGUSB TAP command done - Library not foundReceived  CMD_CONFIG_CHAIN. count = 0USB TAP command done - OkCCSAPI connection #1 from WIN-VKU34KP36QM closed at Mon Jun 25 12:39:11 2012

This is an urgent issue and any help would be appreciated.