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DFlash EEprom emulation in MC9S12P128

Discussion created by Michal Pochna on Jun 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2012 by pgo

Hi once again,


I've been trying to set up eeprom emulation using AN4483 and a code which is connected with this AN. There are some configuration defines, but I'm not sure what to write here. 


#define BusClock 15000    /* Bus clock in kHz, default is 8 MHz using the internal reference */#define GlobalOffset 0x00004000l  /* Global address 'offset' to DFlash */#define DFStart 0x4400    /* Start address of first DFlash Sector to use for EEE */#define DFEnd   0x47ff    /* End address of last DFlash Sector to use for EEE */#define DFSize  ((DFEnd - DFStart) + 1)  /* size of the DFlash (in bytes) used for EEE */#define DFSectorSize 256   /* DFlash sector size */#define DFNumSectors (DFSize / DFSectorSize) /* Total number of DFlash sectors being used for EEE (must be a minimum of 3) */#define DFMaxSectorNum (DFNumSectors - 1) /* last sector number (index) */#define EEERAMStart 0x5301   /* EEE RAM buffer start address */#define EEERAMEnd   0x5400   /* EEE RAM buffer end address */

Should  DFStart and DFEnd indicate local or global address of DFlash sector? What about EEERAM? At last I also don't know what GlobalOffest means. Could someone explain it to me?


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