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Problem with SCI in MC9S12P

Discussion created by Michal Pochna on Jun 18, 2012
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Hi everyone,


I'm trying to make SCI communication between uC and computer but I have a problem with receiving data using interrupt.

My SCI configuration:

  /* SCIBD: IREN=0,TNP1=0,TNP0=0,SBR12=0,SBR11=0,SBR10=0,SBR9=0,SBR8=0,SBR7=0,SBR6=0,SBR5=0,SBR4=1,SBR3=1,SBR2=0,SBR1=0,SBR0=0 */  SCIBD = 24U;                              /* SCICR1: LOOPS=0,SCISWAI=0,Rsrc=0,M=0,WAKE=0,ILT=0,PE=0,PT=0 */  SCICR1 = 0U;                                        /* SCISR2: AMAP=1 */  SCISR2 |= (unsigned char)128U;       /* Switch to the alternative register set */  /* SCIASR1: RXEDGIF=1,BERRV=0,BERRIF=1,BKDIF=1 */  SCIASR1 = 131U;                      /* Clear interrupt flags */  /* SCIACR1: RXEDGIE=0,BERRIE=0,BKDIE=0 */  SCIACR1 = 0U;                                        /* SCIACR2: BERRM1=0,BERRM0=0,BKDFE=0 */  SCIACR2 = 0U;                                        /* SCISR2: AMAP=0 */  SCISR2 &= (unsigned char)~(unsigned char)128U; /* Switch to the normal register set */  /* SCICR2: TIE=0,TCIE=0,RIE=1,ILIE=0,TE=1,RE=0,RWU=0,SBK=0 */  SCICR2 = 40U; 

 And this is how I try to handle an interrupt: 

  if(SCISR1 & 0x20)   {             SCISR1 ;    //SCICR2_RIE = 0;       recv_block();   }

 But program doesn't get into this section. I can see, when sending byte from computer, that RDRF flag is set, but condition never is considered as true - flag is immediately cleared. Sometimes program doesn't even get  into a interrupt procedure. 


Could you tell me what do I do wrong? I'll be grateful for eny help. 


Best regards,