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use P.E to config EEEPROM for MC9S12

Question asked by carl lin on Jun 15, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2012 by Radek Sestak

is there any tutorial on how to config EEEPROM on P.E for MC9S12? for some reason I just can't get it work. 

for example, i want to create 256 byte for EE RAM and 3K for EE flash. so for my config, I type 106400 on Start Address under Address Range and Used size as C00. then under Emmulated EEPROM, I tupe 116 as D-Flash sector count and 1 for Buffer RAM sector count for emulated EEPROM.


   to test the code, I use codeWarrior generated functions, SetByte() and GetByte(). I type SetByte(0x106400, 0xCC); for some reason I keep getting error.


   I have the same problem with another generated functions, SetActByte().....


Does anyone know how to do it??