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spi eeprom communication

Discussion created by Nagaraju Sripathi on Jun 14, 2012
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I am using AT25640 SPI EEPROM to communicate with MPC5634M processor via DSPI port.


I am able to see the commands send to the EEPROM but there is no response from EEPROM. Whenever I try to read data from EEPROM i always see 00 on the data out line of EEPROM.

I tried to read the status register first.


The following are the steps I follwed to read the status register.


1. make CS low

2. send read status register command

3. read data on data out of eeprom  
4. send dummy byte  

5.  read data on data out of eeprom  
6. make3 CS high


Thanks in advance


Nagaraju S