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Question asked by Neil Nowotarski on Jun 10, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2012 by Jon Zeeff

Hi, I'm looking to migrate to the MPC5634M but looking for answers to some questions about the part. All of my  questions are pertaining to the MPC5634M.

Why does "lis" appear as an assembler instruction in AN4027 but not in the e200z3 Power Architecture Core Reference Manual, Rev. 2 instruction glossary?  

One of my tool vendors told me that there is a book e instruction set and a newer instruction set, and that their assembler only compiles book e--Is AN4027 and any other freescale assembler code examples written as book e, if not, is there a way to derive book e from the examples?

Are there downloadable assembler example code files such as for AN 4027 or other examples which will compile and run using a book e assembler--Are there any similar files for use with a GNU C compiler?

Are there any code examples for each on chip peripheral, and for using interrupts?

Is there a assembler header file which contains control register declarations?

Is there an interrupt vector table listing?

Where can I find an instruction set details document for the e200z3 processor which shows each assembler instruction  on a single page detailing proper usage such as in MPCFPE32B/AD REV 2, chapter 8?

What is the difference between RAPPID_INIT_FOR_MPC563XM  and DL-RAPPID563XMSW?