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32 bit SPI slave problems

Question asked by TOM JUNKANS on Jun 7, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2012 by TOM JUNKANS

I have a Kinetis K70 board running as a 16 bit SPI slave and all is just fine. When I set it up for a 32 bit slave, the lower 16 bits get transmitted twice and the top 16 bits never get sent out.


I set up the SPIx_CTAR_SLAVE register for 32 bits "SPI2->CTAR_SLAVE[0] = 0xFC000000;     //32 bits SPI"  and fill the SPIx_PUSHR_SLAVE register with 32 bits but it seems to be stuck in 16 bit mode and just sends the same 16 bits twice. 


Does anyone know what the heck my problem is? Any ideas are welcome!