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HCS12 Flash Access Error

Question asked by sebasira on Jun 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2012 by kef

Hello everyone!


I'm working with HCS12 and CW4.6.


The problem I have is that sometimes, when trying to erase FLASH, I get ACCESS ERROR. I look at the datasheet, and none of the 12 statements that can cause the ACCESS ERROR is true (or so I think, I check them twice).


the DoOnStack routine is from AN2720


I found out that ACCERR flag is set when I try to erase it.


tFLASH_ERROR FLASH_eraseSector(word*__far far_address){      word* address;      tFLASH_ERROR error;            error = FLASH_ERR_NONE;                   // Assume no error     FSTAT = 0x30;// [PVIOL, ACCERR] clear flags          address = (word*)far_address;             // strip PPAGE          if((word)address & 0x0001){       error = FLASH_ERR_ODD_ACCESS;           // Not-Aligned Word     }          if((word)address % FLASH_sectorSize !=0){       error = FLASH_ERR_NOT_START_OF_SECTOR;  // Not sector ini     }          if (error == FLASH_ERR_NONE){       *far_address = 0xFFFF;                 // DUMMY SOTRE        FCMD = ERASE;                           // erase cmd = 0x40                 DoOnStack(far_address);
        return (error);    }


 and when writting 0x30 to FSTAT, ACCERR is set. Why?


FLCKDIV = 0xC9 for a 16MHz Xtal

and the far_address = 0x3C8200.


It does not always fail. But when it does, is at FSTAT = 0x30


What could I be doing wrong?



Thanks in advance!