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From MSP430 to K30 or K40

Question asked by Mehmet Fide on Jun 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2012 by Ben Gartner



We have a product realized using MSP430F47187 from Texas. We will start designing a similar product soon but with more software requirement. So MSP430 series will not be enough anymore. 256KB Flash + 64KB RAM + LCD + RTC + Ethernet and Low Power Modes are required. So we are planning to replace MSP430 with K30 or K40 series or there are alternatives from ST with STM32L series.


I have some doubts about power consumption of K30 comparing to MSP430.

  • Our application requires RTC working always, MCU should wake up every minute and  measure temperature, do RTC compensation and enter into stop mode again. Can  K30 or K40 do that?


  • When user press button or at any switch activities, MCU should wake up and take some logs. All these action will be done by taking power from battery. Are these series suitable at this task (MSP430 series were very good at this)


  • I know this series are new, are they reliable enough to use on such as industrial products? Or should we simply go with STM32L?