Programming flash on MCF5282 lite

Discussion created by GROSBOIS Laurent on Jun 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2012 by TomE

Hi everybody !


I've been developping an application on MCF5282 lite evaluation board, using codewarrior 5.9.

I'm connected to the BDM port using a P&E USB Coldfire Multilink.


Untill now, I've been doing a lot of debug, and my program has always been executed in the External RAM. I now need the microcontroller to run by its own, and I'm looking for a way to store my program in the internal Flash.


I've been able to flash the microcontroller, and according to codewarrior flash programmer, my program is stored where it should be (internal flash 0xF0000000).

However, when performing a reset, the debug program native to the is launched. Do you know how to get my program launched at reset ?


I'm sure I am missing something trivial, could anyone give me a hint ?

Thks in advance,