Flexray Frames Configuration

Discussion created by Richard DE MIRANDA on Jun 4, 2012
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I'm working with the Freescale Development Card EVB9S12XF512E. For making an communication between two flexray nodes, it needs to configuration the network.


In fact, there is a function which did that in freescale example :

/* Structure of this type contains configuration   information of the one low level parameters set */const Fr_low_level_config_type Fr_low_level_cfg_set_00 ={    ..........    5000,       /* G_MACRO_PER_CYCLE */    10,         /* G_MAX_WITHOUT_CLOCK_CORRECTION_PASSIVE */    14,         /* G_MAX_WITHOUT_CLOCK_CORRECTION_FATAL */    22,         /* G_NUMBER_OF_MINISLOTS */    60,         /* G_NUMBER_OF_STATIC_SLOTS */    4920,       /* G_OFFSET_CORRECTION_START */    16,         /* G_PAYLOAD_LENGTH_STATIC */    ..........}

 I would like to know if I'm understanding well something.


The argument G_PAYLOAD_LENGTH_STATIC represent the duration of a static frame, that right?


In my example, the argument is put at 16. That mean I can send at maximum 16 byte of data in my Flexray frames?


Thanks you in advance for your answers, because i really need to know if am right to continu my project.