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uart on kwikstik

Question asked by Jiří Kyzlink on Jun 1, 2012
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I would like to ask how to use the UART on the development kit kwikstik I tried to copy the code from the help, but the compiler says: "illegal implicit conversion from 'unsigned char' to 'void *'

how to do it?


Thank you for your answer


code for example:

  • struct {  byte Header;  byte Command;  word Data;  byte Checksum;} message;


      void AS1_OnFullRxBuf(void)  {    word Received;    byte err;    err = AS1_RecvBlock((byte*)&message, sizeof(message), &Received);     }
    byte err;word Sent;void main(void){   message.Header = 0x55;  message.Command = 0x01;  message.Data = 0x0A0B;  message.Checksum = message.Header + message.Command + (message.Data & 0x00ff) + (message.Data >> 8);  err = AS1_SendBlock((byte*)&message, sizeof(message), &Sent); }