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using problem with SPI on Kinetis K50 Tower

Question asked by Christian Decroux on Jun 1, 2012
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I am testing  SPI  on Kinetis K50 Tower,  my problem is that when I init SPI register as :



                            SPI_MCR_DIS_RXF_MASK | 
                           SPI_MCR_DIS_TXF_MASK | SPI_MCR_ROOE_MASK | 
                           SPI_MCR_HALT_MASK |


the cpu go in "hard fault"  isr  vector 3


If i write SPI0_MCR = 0  there is the same problem.

For information, with debugger it is not possible to write a value in this register.


I verify init  MUX  pin select and cpu version without result, all seem ok.


 if someone have an idea ?


Thanks for your help