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Ask for advice about Ethernet and Uart

Question asked by Cathy chang on Jun 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2013 by Garabo

hello everyone,

      I used the MQX 3.8 first , hope that  get some guide or direct about my project.

      my project is the SNMP management based on UDP  (the realization of this function refer the MQX SNMP demo),and i need add the other function that get data from a uart port.   


      There are two major function in my project;

      1:  Send/Receive data to/from ethernet.( the communication between the PC and the development

            board(MCF5225xEvb) )

      2:  Send/Receive data to/from uart .( )


    Flow chart  as:

       The controller <---uart--> MCF5225x board <----ethernet----->PC


    Now, i dont understand that how to add the uart interrupt in this demo(MQX SNMP) ?

    I hope you can help me or give the correct direction to me;

    Wati for your reply.

    Thanks everyone