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Need help in establishing communication b/w MR16 and Computer via RS232.

Question asked by raja gopal on Mar 3, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2006 by raja gopal
Dear all,
Im a newbie :smileyindifferent: to hc908mr16 and Code warrior. My aim is to flash my code into MR16 using Code Warrior :smileysurprised:. I read the devlopment support sec given im MR16 datasheet Pg no. 279.  I used MAX 232N instead of MC145407 and GD74HC125 instead of MC74HC125.
I wired up a circuit as given there. After verifiying wether all necessary conditions as mentioned in the datasheet were being satisfied i opened a demo program for mr32 :smileysad:.
In true simulator i selected Monitor Target mode interface and tried to autodetedct the baud rate. It did not detect the minimal baud rate. It din't work out :smileymad:.
Then i tried P&E Debug - Class3 and 4. it dint even detect the hardware loopback :smileysurprised:.
I was taken around in loops :smileytongue:. Now i jus dont know how to carry on further.
Could anyone give me the circuit diagram for establishing communication b/w PC and MC68HC908MR32 via RS232 .
I welcome all kinds of views, suggestions, guidance. Sooner the better:womansad:.
Thanks and Regards
Vivek :manmad: