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Failed to resume target process., Download using 3rd party component...

Question asked by Cab Jones on May 31, 2012
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CW10.2 MC9S08LG32 Win7x64


Fresh install of CW10.2.  New project using bareboard and adding source files.  After build I used Run->Debug Configurations and got this message:

  • Problem Occurred
    'Launching MASTER_MC9S08LG32_PnE U-Multilink' has
    encountered a problem...

    Failed to resume target Process., Download using 3rd
    party component..

And the details just repeat the error message.  I cannot fathom how to address this error--CW was freshly installed, I did nothing but create a bareboard project, Build, and then Run->DebugConfiguration->[MASTER_MC9S08LG32_PnE U-Multilink]->Debug.  It started the process for awhile, then the error message.  This has occurred before, just prior to my fresh install, and I thought the fresh install would fix it as it has fixed my many Java NullPointerExceptions, as documented in my longish NullPointerException post.


I am stumped how to recover--is the 3rd-party component on the internet somewhere--supposed to be on my windows system? Do I have a system which CW10.2 does not work on? I saw no error messages when I installed CW for the nth time--it does not appear that re-installing is going to work.


If anybody has a suggestion, it would be much appreciated.