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Use of #pragma interrupt

Discussion created by Mariano Filippa on Mar 3, 2006
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Hello all,
I'm working with 56F801 DSP for AC motor control. In my current software, several functions are being called from an ISR. This is what I have:
From vector jumps:
 ...  jsr ISR_Function   // jump to ISR function  ...
void ISR_Function{
#pragma interrupt warn
    SecondFunction();    // call SecondFunction
#pragma interrupt called
void SecondFunction{
   AsmFunction();       // call assembly function
#pragma interrupt called
asm void AsmFunction{
    nop       // do something
1) are the pragmas correctly used? For some reason, I'm still getting warnings that a non-interrupt function is being called from an interrupt function.
2) what happens if I call SecondFunction from a non-interrupt function (say MainBackgroundTask)?
3) Is there any special requirement for interrupt-called assembly functions?