Kirit Basu

Antennas for Zigbee radios

Discussion created by Kirit Basu on Mar 2, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2006 by samuel ramirez
I am trying to design a very small sized zigbee board, and could use some inputs on designing the antenna.

chip antennas seem to be the only ones that will work with my app given its size.

Has anyone specifically used the ACX - AT 9520 Series as referenced by freescale in AN2731?

I was wondering if anyone had any experiences they could share on designing these or other chip antennas into their boards?
- Are there reference notes, from which I could literally cut and paste the design into my board?
- Have you maybe gotten this board FCC certified?
- Where do you source the ACX chips from (they don't seem to have any northamerican contacts)