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Regarding QSPI interrupt based sampl code for MCF5282 controller

Discussion created by Nilesh Khunte on May 30, 2012
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I am using MCF5282 Evaluation board for development


1)      I am writing a SPI interrupt based driver for MCF5282 controller I have read similar article for –Pooling based SPI driver on the Freescale forum.

             How do I write the interrupt based SPI driver for MCf5282? Please provide the sample code. That would help me to understand it in better manner


2)      I guess in MCf5282 ,Only transmit interrupt is present in QIR register(SPIF flag-0th bit)-QSPI finished flag

Set on completion of the command pointed by QWR[ENDQP].ie Each time the end of queue is reached QIR[SPIF ] is set .and if interrupt service is used the service routine must clear QIR[SPIF] to abort the current request .Additional interrupt requests during servicing can be prevented by clearing QIR[SPIF]

Does it have receive interrupt as well? If no then how do we make sure that data is received correctly after transfer


Please provide the sample code.