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NAND flash program not reliable on MPC8308

Question asked by gilbert vellet on May 30, 2012
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We have designed a board with a MPC8308 and a NAND (Micron MT29F2G08). On some cards , when we try to reprogram the NAND flash with a new image, the write is failing during the verify stage. When we retry it always fails until we change the chip. We sent the defective chips to Micron and they say the chips are perfectly functionnal. If we install a new chip on a board the problem will go away but might return later. To program the NAND flash we have 2  options: using u boot driver or using our Lauderbach COP debugger. When the problem is present, both options fails to program the NAND.

It looks like something is marginal on our boards but we cannot find yet the source of the problem.

Anybody here had problem programming a NAND with a PowerQuicc II pro? How did you debug the problem? Is there a guideline for NAND flash detailing the timing, register settings, the algorithm, the things to double check in hardware...